Embracing 2024 tablescaping trends with Steccato

Embracing 2024 tablescaping trends with Steccato

Achieving a successful and enjoyable event involves a harmonious blend of quality entertainment and appealing decor, with the focal point being the dining table itself.

Tablescaping has become a huge creative outlet for many people, with the places we eat becoming somewhere to express our personality and unique style. A distinctive dinnerware collection is the foundation of a well-considered table scheme and will set the tone, whatever the occasion.

 Read on to discover how you can impress your guests with a tablescape that pays homage to the ‘statement stripes’, ‘functional blues’ and ‘modern heritage’ trends of 2024 - taking inspiration from Spode’s newest collection, Steccato

Be bold with colour choices

Before you do anything else, choose your colour palette, as this will form the foundation of your table setting. The most sophisticated colour palettes are those that focus on two to three main colours – any more than that can make your setup look overly busy. That being said, don’t be afraid to experiment! Bright and bold colours – even clashing ones – can look great on a table.

The vibrant cobalt blue of Steccato pairs perfectly with a teal tablecloth and coral accent napkins for a brave tablescape. Contrasting colours work particularly well here, as the teal green lifts the navy, giving it a much fresher and livelier look that demands attention.

However you choose to incorporate colour into your table scheme - be it your dinnerware, table linen or both - bolder colour choices will only serve to make your space more unique, fun, and reflective of your personality.

Don’t be afraid to mix & match

A design classic, stripes are one of the easiest patterns to mix and match. Florals, geometrics and toile are all complementary of a stripe and will add visual interest to any dining setup.

 The Steccato, Blue Italian and Brocato collections invite you to take a bolder approach to your table setting, allowing you to experiment with playful patterns. When paired together, the statement stripes of Steccato sitting against the intricate curved design and the Imari Oriental border of Blue Italian strike the perfect juxtaposition between tradition and modernity.

Almost all patterns work with stripes. It’s not about the pattern itself but learning to look closely at the colour combination and the scaling to ensure the clashing prints work proportionately to create a seamless look with a touch of wow-factor.

Mix in reclaimed pieces

Small additions can make all the difference in transforming your tablescape and are what guests will remember. Consider using reclaimed pieces that add depth and character to your dining space through their craftmanship and history.

It’s incredibly rewarding to have a one-of-a-kind home, and the mix of old and new, modern and traditional can create a timeless look that is completely unique to you. If you’re hesitant about going overboard, start with small accents, such as antique vases or decorative accessories. These touches can still bring that nostalgic feel without overwhelming a modern home.

Finish with bright florals

Flowers are a tablescaping essential with an incredible ability to add natural beauty and appeal to any space. Bringing a sense of tranquillity, fresh blooms pull the whole table together and create something for guests to focus on when they enter the room – other than the delicious food and fabulous company, of course! The key is to be bold and not afraid of using colour. If your colour palette is muted, this could be your way of creating contrast and introducing bright accents.

Flowers are also a great way to add height to your table, although, it’s important not to block the view of guests sitting opposite one another. For a more eclectic look, let the stems be a little wild and mismatched.

The beauty of the statement stripes of Steccato is that it will help to ground the overall scheme of your tablescape, bringing calmness and modernity and pulling your whole look and experience together.