A Guide to Maximalist Styling

A Guide to Maximalist Styling

Never one to shy away from colour, pattern, and texture, for us here at Spode more is always more. And luckily for us (and you), the maximalism home décor trend has made a return, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. If you’re as keen as us to fill your home with pattern and individuality, read our guide on bringing this over-the-top trend to life.

What is maximalism?

Maximalism is the art of layering eye-catching patterns, rich colour, texture, and accessories boldly and playfully to create a surrounding that brings you joy. More is more with this décor style, creating a room rife with personality and pattern that blurs the boundaries. A common misconception is that maximalism implies having a lot of stuff and, therefore, creates a cluttered space. But it is, in fact, the colour and prints that add the layers rather than actual items.

The polar opposite of minimalism, which has been the go-to trend for the past decade, maximalism style is perfect for those who love to express their individuality loud and proud. Pared-down spaces? No, thank you.

Where did the maximalist design style come from?

Maximalism isn’t a modern trend or one that can be attributed to just one era. Maximalists have existed for centuries, and there are key times throughout history when the opulent style has been the focus of interior style. Maximalism is all about showing off your favourite things and this practice can be traced back to the 16th century when people would curate their own cabinets of curiosities stuffed with treasures to showcase their riches. The trend emerged again during the Victorian era, where every inch of someone’s home would be covered in decorative elements, featuring heavy upholstery and opulent colours.

Maximalist styling is all about having fun, playing with colour, texture, and pattern, and placing your favourite objects on display. Along with mixing patterns remembering the ‘more is more’ mantra is important – one candle isn’t enough. Go four or five. A maximalist home will also feature bold art, different colour combinations, and stylish furniture that mixes antique with new. However, the trick to getting this style right and avoiding complete chaos is to carefully curate your pieces so the end space looks polished.

How to achieve the maximalist style in your home


One of the most important elements of maximalist styling is to layer. Layering different colours and patterns, but most importantly the things you love. Adding them to different surfaces, such as bookshelves, coffee tables, and walls. One simple way to start layering is with accessories and tableware – layer different patterns with a mix of textiles, patterned crockery and pops of colourful accessories.


Mixing colours in your space is also key, but you still want to ensure the colours sit well together and complement each other. Dramatic paint colours on your walls can help to set the scene and create a bold canvas for your accessories to jump off. However, if a bold colour on your walls or furniture seems a little daunting but you still want to experiment with colour, play around with artwork or home accessories that do the mixing and matching for you. Our Zoological Gardens tableware with its mix of pink, turquoise and monochrome colourways does just that.


Once you have decided your colour scheme, you can draw the colours through to the patterns you’d like to add to your space. Mixing patterns can be a lot to embrace at first, but dipping your toe in with pops of print on patterned textiles can be a good starting point. Think cushions, curtains and blankets.

Feeling inspired to bring out your inner maximalist? Our unique collections are made with maximalism in mind so you’ll find something to kick start or add to your maximalist home décor. Explore now.