The Making of the King Charles III Coronation Collection

The Making of the King Charles III Coronation Collection

Continuing Spode’s long history of crafting wares to mark royal occasions, we’re celebrating the coronation of King Charles III with a special commemorative range. Proudly made in our factory in Stoke-on-Trent, read on to discover how the blue and white collection of teaware and accessories has evolved from intricate hand-painted designs to beautifully crafted ceramics. 

Hand-painted designs

The beginning of any new collection of Spode’s starts in our design studio in Stoke-on-Trent. Spode’s heritage is at the forefront of any new pattern designed by our team of talented in-house designers, and the new King Charles III collection is no different. Having crafted wares to mark royal occasions throughout history, creating a range to mark such a momentous occasion as this was without question. 

As with any Spode collection, it’s our vast design archives that become a source of inspiration for the team, but for this range to be a true celebration of the King, it was important for the design to be synonymous with the monarch too. With this in mind, Spode’s designers hand-painted a number of illustrations to beautifully represent the monarch while seamlessly blending in subtle nods to Spode’s rich heritage. 

Showcased in Spode’s iconic cobalt blue colour, each piece in the ceramic collection features a rose, shamrock, thistle, and daffodil to represent the countries of the United Kingdom. These are perfectly intertwined with leaves and scrolls taken from Spode’s archive designs. A crown also takes centre stage on many of the pieces, with magnificent illustrations of lions either side to represent strength, courage and dignity. 

Teaware Fit for a King 

It’s certainly no secret that the royal family enjoys a cup or two of tea, and with it also being the nation’s favourite pastime, a teaware collection seemed like the perfect choice to celebrate this royal occasion. Once the designs had been perfected and the range finalised the next step was for the pieces of the collection to start taking shape in our factory. 

Clay is poured into specially crafted moulds to form each unique Spode shape. Once set, each piece is taken out of its mould and left to dry. The handles for the teapot and mug are crafted separately, being cast, cut and shaped to fit each piece perfectly before being attached to the dried, undecorated ware by our skilled craftsmen and women. The commemorative plate, made for treasuring, serving cake or lavishly decorating your wall, is made in our plate shop, where they are each precisely trimmed and buffed to ensure a perfect shape.  

To showcase the beauty of our white earthenware, all the pieces are coated in Spode’s crystal-clear glaze. They are then placed in the kiln for the first firing, reaching temperatures of 1165°C to ensure the pieces are strong and durable. Once glazed, the ceramics are finally decorated by our skilled lithographers who apply the decoration on top of the glaze. The pieces are then fired one last time so that the decoration sinks into the glaze, making them dishwasher-safe and built to last.

Celebrate in Style

Perfect for collectors and those looking to mark the occasion in style, this limited-edition collection is a must-have for your coronation celebrations. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a cup of tea and cake with friends, planning a street party, or marking the event quietly at home, there’s something in our King Charles III Coronation collection for all.