Tablescaping Tips with Interior Designer Jack Kinsey

Tablescaping Tips with Interior Designer Jack Kinsey

Interior designer and runner-up of the 2023 BBC series of Interior Design Masters, Jack Kinsey, is known for his flamboyant signature style and love of blue and white. With this in mind, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to get Jack’s take on a Spode summer tablescape. The result? An Amalfi-inspired setting, styling the bold stripes of Steccato and iconic Blue Italian with lots and lots of lemons!

With such a beautiful take on a mix and match tablescape we just had to have Jack’s expert tablescaping tips & tricks. So, we opened up the question box to our followers on Instagram and posed the questions to Jack:

What inspired this beautiful table setting?

“Before the table is even set, I try to think about the bigger picture and how I want my guests to feel in that moment. I knew I wanted the table to be immersive, transporting my family to the Italian coast. I loved the idea of us all being nestled under a branch from my garden and to bring the theme to life I decided to attach real lemons using gardening wire. The lemons just burst from the bold cobalt blue & white stripes and Italian-inspired patterned china.

“To add more drama, I used a striped tablecloth as the first layer to showcase the striking Steccato collection. I then used the Blue Italian collection to add depth with the contrasting pattern. For me, tablescapes are all about layers and textures that dazzle your guests before the food has even been served.”

What’s the best way to add ambience to a tablescape?

“To create a really cosy ambience, I would use a range of different lighting. LED tabletop lamps are perfect because there's no wires and they last all evening. Or you could go for a more authentic look and use real candles, but if you've got little ones around and you don't want the hazard of them potentially being knocked over, then I would opt for battery powered alternatives, which are super realistic.” 

How would you mix and match patterns within a tablescape? 

“I'll always remember what my good friend, Joanne Hardcastle, taught me about mixing patterns. She's a bit of a maximalist and has always said that you need to think about the scale when you're mixing patterns.  
“So, you could mix a large print with a smaller print. You could also mix the colours, but always make sure they're complementary tones. For example, I mixed the beautiful Blue Italian range, which is more of a delicate print, with the bolder blue stripe print from the Spode Steccato collection, which complement each other beautifully.” 

How do you make a tablescape bolder for a special occasion or celebration?

“I'd say up the ante for a mega birthday or a special occasion by theming the event. Here, I went for an Amalfi theme and went full-on blue and white. We even suspended a canopy of lemons over the table to really push the Amalfi experience and ran with the theme through the food too, creating lemon possets and pavlovas for dessert! 
“I think if you have got a big birthday coming up then really go all out with a theme. Because it really does add that extra level of drama that will surprise and give your guests an immersive experience.”

Why are you so drawn to blue and white?

“I think I love using blue and white in my home because of how easy it is to mix and match with other colours. I also love how deep rooted it is in British history, with Spode perfecting the technique of blue and white earthenware since the 1700s.”

For more blue & white Spode tablescape inspiration, take a look at Jack’s set-up over on Instagram. We’d love to see your tablescapes too, share with us @by_spode.

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