Summer Interior Trends 2024

Summer Interior Trends 2024

Craving a summer refresh for your home? Lucky for you we’ve gathered the top 3 interior trends that are perfect for sunny season. Get ready to be transported to a world of elegant regency vibes, play with bold details in a fresh new way, and bring a touch of cosy charm into your space. Which trend will you choose? Read on to find out.


The latest series of the Netflix sensation, Bridgerton, has us all swooning once again over love, drama, ballgowns and lavish sets. And so, the Regencycore trend is taking centre stage in homes and wardrobes this summer, offering a perfect marriage of elegance, opulence, and light, airy touches for the warmer months.

The Regencycore trend takes aspects of cottagecore, with its cosy visual warmth, and elevates it into something a little more lavish. Capture the trend at home with sumptuous fabrics and eye-catching colours. Soft greens, pale blues and creamy yellows evoke a feeling of lush gardens and summer serenity, and accents of gold or jewel tones, like sapphire or emerald, add a touch of regal flair. Luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk also add a sprinkling of grandeur across plush cushions and curtains.

When it comes to furniture, classic silhouettes with elegant curves and details, such as rolled arms or tapered legs, are key to capturing the Regencycore trend. Think mahogany side tables, wingback armchairs, and four-poster beds. And don’t be afraid to mix old and new – scour charity shops to seek out hidden gems to re-love and recycle.

For smaller touches of Regency flair, accessorise with gilded mirrors, porcelain vases, gold candlesticks and picture frames to add a touch of historical charm. Bridgerton wouldn’t be Bridgerton without a ball, dinner party or social soiree and although your gatherings may not be so well attended, this shouldn’t stop you from stocking up on fancy tableware, china teacups or delicate glasses.

Stripe Details

Embrace the enduring allure of stripes – a versatile staple that truly never goes out of style. This summer, stripes are bolder than ever. Don’t be afraid to mix and match scales and colours for a playful, maximalist vibe - think wide awning stripes on accent walls paired with throw pillows featuring thinner pinstripes for a glorious mix and match look.

For a timeless summer feel, incorporate deep blue and white stripes across accessories, such as living room rugs, textiles and bathroom linens. Our latest tableware collection, Steccato, showcases cobalt blue stripes against a crisp, white background for this classic look. Style the pieces alone for a statement tablescape or mix and match with other crockery for a visually interesting space. Stripes are surprisingly versatile and can be mixed with a variety of patterns.

Remember, when incorporating stripes, consider the overall feel you want to achieve. Bold stripes can make a statement, while thinner stripes can add a touch of sophistication. No matter your style, there’s a perfect stripe combination out there to bring a touch of summer fun into your home.

Country Charm

This enduring trend gets a fresh, breezy update for 2024, perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Step into the cosy world of Country Charm, where rustic elegance meets modern comfort, bringing the serene beauty of the countryside to your home with soft textiles, textures, and a mix of classic and modern pieces.

Country Charm embraces a muted, earthy colour palette. Think soft neutrals, calming greens, pops of summery reds and cheerful yellows. These tones evoke the feeling of nature and create a sense of warmth and relaxation in your space. Aged wood and leather are also key elements to this aesthetic. Look for furniture pieces and decorative accents crafted from these materials, such as wooden coffee tables and woven wicker chairs.

Country Charm is all about embracing elements of nature. Fill your home with fresh summer blooms and add woven baskets and planters for a touch of natural texture. Botanical prints across artwork, textiles and accessories also help to connect your space to the outdoors. Our Morris & Co. collection, featuring beautiful mix-and-match floral patterns, is perfect for embracing this uplifting trend. William Morris’ maximalist prints are showcased in soft shades of green, yellow and pink for a fresh twist and ensure your space feels both inviting and perfectly in tune with the season.

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