Dopamine décor: how to embrace the happy home trend

Dopamine décor: how to embrace the happy home trend

Imagine walking into a room and your mood is instantly lifted. At its core, that’s really all dopamine décor is about. Creating spaces that elicit a deep sense of joy. Characterised by vivid colours, eclectic patterns, tactile textures, and a feeling of nostalgia, dopamine décor has quickly gained momentum, with more than 44.5K posts on TikTok and Instagram. Google searches for the interior design trend have also continued to rise, increasing by 127% in the past six months alone.

Read on to discover all you need to know about the mood-boosting aesthetic and how to bring more of it into your home

What is dopamine décor?

Dopamine décor is a design style that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It comes down to choosing decorative accents that make you truly happy. Naturally, this can look different for everyone, which means the possibilities are endless. Dopamine spaces tend to be brightly coloured, feature bold patterns, are drenched with nostalgia, and often verge on kitsch. While it may seem chaotic, the result is a beautiful, cohesive space that connects with the emotion and memories of those who inhabit it.

How to embrace dopamine décor at home

1. Colour drenching

Colour is the main element for making a happy interior – and given its endless design possibilities, dopamine décor allows you to decorate with all the colours of the rainbow if that’s what brings you joy. If you’re not drawn to colour clashing, going all in with a singular hue, in particular lipstick red, sunshine yellow or coral pink, is a great way to pack a punch and embrace the trend on your own terms. Break up colours with heavy doses of white or neutrals to avoid overwhelming the details of a space and incorporate textures and patterns too for balance.

This trend lends itself perfectly to the dining room and kitchen, where you needn’t fully redecorate to embrace the dopamine trend. Simply adding accents to a room, like a table runner in your favourite pattern, or some tableware, like the Kit Kemp Calypso collection, in your favourite hue can be enough to spark some serious joy and give you a hit of dopamine décor.

2. Pattern clashing

If you really want to make a dopamine statement, it makes sense to opt for something that will stand out. Bold geometric designs, floral prints and abstract patterns catch the eye and create a sense of movement especially when done using bold wallpapers, soft furnishings, and table linen.

When it comes to combining patterns, character and confidence is key. While some patterns are a natural match, don’t let that stop you from experimenting with something more fun. For example, mix and match stripes with vintage prints to add visual interest and a whimsical touch such as our Steccato, Blue Italian and Brocato collections. The bold stripes of Steccato sitting against the intricate curved design and Imari Oriental border of Blue Italian strike the perfect juxtaposition between tradition and modernity.

3. Be playful with décor

Think less about what will go well together and more about creating multiple happiness hits in your home that really make you smile. The key is to not be overly led by interior trends and, instead, decorate your home with things you love and reflect your individual personality. Oddly or uniquely shaped décor, such as candlestick holders, will make any space feel more fun, while vivid hues and metallic accents tie in naturally with a maximalist look.

Your home should become more than just a space filled with random décor, it should be a culmination of memories and treasures you feel a joyful connection to. Perhaps it’s a family heirloom or a knick-knack you’ve had since childhood. Dial up the fun by experimenting with colourful wall art and mismatched photo frames or frames with a splash of subtle colour, like the Kit Kemp Photo Frames, on a gallery wall and drape your dining chairs with colourful throws and piled cushions for an instant refresh and touch of nostalgia.