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  1. Spode Black Italian Mug
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  2. Spode Mug - Archive - Aesop's Fables
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  3. Spode Christmas Tree Mug Set of 2
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  4. Spode Strawberry Thief Mug and Tray Set
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  5. Spode Mug - Archive - Blue Rose
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  6. Spode Mug - Archive - Indian Sporting
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  7. Spode Blue Italian 12 oz Travel Mug
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  8. Spode Blue Italian 8 oz Travel Mug
    Was £12.00 Now £9.60
  9. Designed in 1938, Christmas Tree is a unique Christmas dinnerware pattern that's loved the world over. Taking centre stage is a beautiful Christmas tree with colourful baubles hanging from the branches and a mound of presents underneath. The Christmas Tree Dish is the perfect decoration and gift to give at Christmas. This product is designed in our studios in Stoke on Trent, England. \nThis item is manufactured outside of the UK to the stringent quality and craftsmanship that Portmeirion Group is known for.
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    Spode Christmas Tree Santa Cookies Plate
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