We’re celebrating Spode's 250th year in style with some stunning new collectionslimited editions and exclusives.

But how do we create our stunning collections?

The start of the creative process

At the very beginning, a trip to The Spode Museum is becoming a customary part of the design process. There’s so much to see and so much to be inspired by. It’s all well and good looking through the history books but you can never get the full essence of a design unless you can actually see it. It’s like our photography. We try our very best to get the true beauty to shine through but it’s a really tricky job. Luckily we have Wayne. He’s been our photographer for 20 years and is the best in the business.

Back to the case in point. If you’re ever in Stoke, a trip to the museum is a must. It provides us with a huge amount of inspiration… 250 years’ worth to be exact.

From that point our design team begin the creative process. Spode has always been at the forefront of timeless contemporary style and its archive stretches back to 1770. There are a huge amount of designs to play with.

The Heritage collection

For the 250th year, we wanted a range that showcased our heritage, craftsmanship and style. It needed to mix and match and ultimately be something Josiah Spode would be proud of. So, Heritage was born.

This black and white range features three archive patterns – Rome, India and Floral. Each is very different from the other but they work together as the perfect complement. Showcasing an Italianate landscape, Rome was first launched by Spode in 1811. It features the Ponte and Castel Sant’Angelo and Trajan’s Column in Rome. India is the epitome of Chinoiserie – an 1815 design inspired by Chinese motifs. Floral was originally launched in 1830 and is considered to be one of the rarest of Spode’s floral designs.

Together, these stunning pieces allow you to delve into Spode’s rich history with oodles of style. Heritage is a wonderful re-imagining of Spode’s archive designs. It’s chic and effortlessly timeless. And let’s not forget, life tastes better sipped from Spode.

View the collection here.

There’s another black and white collection that’s the perfect complement coming soon too. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know when this collection is available.