Home interiors have been at the forefront of our minds more than ever this year. Spending time both living and working in our homes has us reassessing and finding new ways to be happy in our space. And so, as we start to prepare our homes for the colder months ahead, and look forward to a season filled with spectacular festivities, albeit slightly different, here are the four key autumn winter 2020 trends to embrace.


A twist on the traditional, grandmillennial style is all about blending elements of classic design with a contemporary edge. This home décor trend sees pattern and texture, across furniture, wallpaper and crockery, mixing with modern elements to create a comforting yet chic look. .

How to get the look:
The grandmillennial trend invites you to celebrate the timelessness of traditional design, and to take a fresh look on heritage patterns and old style embellishments. This trend sees us creating enviable tablescapes with beautiful china full of pattern, and basking in the approachable warmth this style brings.

Botanical Haven

Inspired by nature and our current craving for balance and calm, the Botanical Haven trend offers much needed escapism. The mix of colourful, nature-inspired pattern creates a cosy haven made for relaxing.

How to get the look:
Keep the outdoors blooming on the inside all winter long with this autumn home trend. Decorate with eucalyptus and trailing plants on every shelf, and create stylish tablescapes brimming with botanical pattern in shades of green.

Cool & Calming

Create an inviting space you won’t want to leave with the Cool and Calming trend. This autumn winter style pushes the grey interiors trend to the next level for the perfect setting to rest and regenerate.

How to get the look:
This trend is all about sleek design that is adaptable, made for easy living. Muted tones across tableware and accessories creates a calm yet uplifting space, with added textures and clever layering for further intrigue.

Festive Nostalgia

Inspired by our magical Christmas traditions, the Festive Nostalgia trend celebrates the pure joy the festive season brings.

How to get the look:
Trees filled with colourful baubles, tables laid with festive crockery and splashes of red, green and white bring this Christmas décor trend to life. It’s all about a classic look, with a stylish celebratory twist.

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