Babingtons Blends are all about elegant tradition meets every-day ritual, an ethos we are absolutely on board with. Their story started in 1893 and today the fine, all natural, hand-blended tea is loved across Europe. So, who better to ask for a guide to making an unmistakably perfect cup of tea.

According to a spokesperson from Babington's “the process of making tea has for centuries been celebrated across many cultures as a meditative form of mindfulness and it's always a pleasure to prepare.

We recommend you choose a type of tea to complement the occasion; this could depend on your mood, the time of day, what you're eating and the event.”

Loose Leaf Tea

Ensure the water you use is cold when you start heating it and never bring to the boil. Brew accordingly or follow a set of instructions.


2g for 150ml of water

Heat Water & Brew:

95°C for black teas, white teas and herbal teas
85°C for green teas

Brew Tea For:

3-4 minutes for black teas and white teas
2-3 minutes for green teas
5-6 minutes for herbal teas


Add milk and or sugar to taste. Milk complements black teas (even scented), sugar goes well with white, green and black teas. We suggest you first try them pure and please don't use lemon; try orange instead!

Keep your loose leaf tea in a cool, dry and dark place and in an airtight container.

Tea Bags

1 tea bag per 150ml water

Heat Water & Brew:
95°C for black teas, white teas and herbal teas
85°C for green teas

Common Tea Making Mistakes

  • Using tea which isn't of the highest quality; without fresh ingredients you will never experience a delicious and satisfying cup of tea
    Not using fresh water; if the water is constantly being reused all the time, it will affect the overall taste due to the pH. levels
  • Tea can be over brewed rather than made to the strength you enjoy the most. At home you can regulate this by adding more or less tea leaves
  • Tea can be made at the wrong temperature. Be sure to follow the temperature guidelines above to avoid this common mistake