What is Grandmillennial Style?

As one of our key trends this autumn/winter, we invite you to surround yourself in the comfort, beauty and tradition of grandmillennial style. A twist on the traditional, this trend is all about blending classic design with a contemporary edge, and taking a fresh look on heritage patterns.

The term Grandmillenial, coined by House Beautiful, describes those who have a soft spot for expressing their style with a modern reinterpretation of traditional aesthetic. Think ruffles, patterned china and embroidered linens. Often thought as granny chic, this style is more timeless than it is twee.

The style celebrates pattern and texture across all sorts of interior decoration, from furniture and wallpaper to soft furnishings and crockery. The options are endless. This timeless décor is loved for its boldness in mix and matching, allowing you to express your personality without restriction.

How to Get the Grandmillennial Look

Looking for timeless decorating ideas? The grandmillennial look is perfect for those of you who like vintage homeware pieces, but who also want to avoid a stuffy, cluttered interior. Being clever about how you mix old and new together is key to achieving those contemporary interior design goals, whilst not having to abandon your love for all things heritage.

1. Create enviable tablescapes
Tablescapes set for entertaining friends and family are the perfect way to showcase grandmillenial style. To achieve a mix and match look, sit patterned plates and bowls on a tablecloth adorned with a different design, or opt for a single colour backdrop and mix and match your crockery pattern instead.

2. Be clever with colour
Crisp colours work well for this trend. White backgrounds featuring bold coloured patterns keep the style fresh. Think classic blue and white, and splashes of bright pink, green or orange. Magnificent.

3. Add the unexpected
The key to this look is to add something unexpected. Whether that’s an abstract art piece added to your living room décor, stylish gold cutlery paired next to your vintage plates, or an extraordinary centrepiece that catches the eye. It’s these touches that steer the style from old fashioned to new traditionalist.

Shop Grandmillennial Style with Spode

At Spode we’ve been celebrating pattern for 250 years with our iconic designs. A timeless classic, our Blue Italian tableware is the perfect fit for grandmillennial style with its blue and white colour palette and chinoiserie pattern. Fill your table with bowls, serving dishes and matching teacups and saucers, mixed with complementary linens, and display plates proudly on walls and dressers in every room. Fabulous.

For the ultimate twist on the traditional, opt for our Black Italian collection and show off your love for heritage style in chic monochrome.

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