What is a Spritz?

Much like the word suggests when said out loud, a spritz is a refreshing, effervescent cocktail. Wine based, a spritz is usually created by adding soda water to wine and other flavourings to create a light cocktail. The perfect companion to a warm sunny day.

History of the Spritz

Spritz’s are certainly nothing new, and have been enjoyed by many for the last 200 years, at least. Rumour has it that the spritz originated from when Austrian soldiers, who were posted in Venice, asked barkeeps to add a splash of water to their sparkling wine. The Italian wine was just too potent for their tastes, so the added water made it easier to drink.

The Kocktail Spritz Menu

Heard of a spritz before? You may be familiar with the holiday favourite Aperol Spritz, which can be ordered as an aperitivo from bars across the world. Well, luckily for us, the specialists at Kocktail have reimagined the genre with their own take on the delicious spritz cocktail, so you can bring holiday vibes to your own back garden whenever it takes your fancy.

Rhubarb & Cucumber Spritz

A punchy pop of pink for your glass, this mixes tart rhubarb with a gentle cucumber syrup, and an extra zing of complex grapefruit bitters for a rounded flavour.

Lychee & Elderflower Spritz

Gorgeous pale pink hues come from this lychee and elderflower flavoured spritz, which combines flavours of the Far East and Western cultures. Kocktail recommends this as the perfect start to your evening of cocktails.

Venice Beach Spritz

Kocktail’s modern take on a spritz cocktail. They’ve added honey and passionfruit for a natural sweetness to take on the pleasing bitter-sweetness of Campari.

Earl Grey Spritz

Spode’s personal favourite, as lovers of everything tea. This features an award-winning alcoholic tea, ‘The Tale of Earl Grey’, which is paired with cucumber syrup, vermouth and citron vodka for a delicately balanced cocktail.

Creatures of Curiosity Highball GlassesCreatures of Curiosity Highball Glasses

How to Serve a Spritz

Spritz cocktails can be enjoyed in any type of glass you prefer to sip from, whether that be a wine, tumbler, highball or classic martini glass. Pop in a few ice cubes and top it off with a garnish to finish.
Light, refreshing, and oh so delicious. What more do you need from your summer drinks menu?

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