Whether you’re living in a rented home and are unable to make permanent changes, or you’re just looking for quick ways to give your home a refresh – these easy home décor ideas are sure to transform any room. From switching up your wall art, to investing in some statement furniture; simply making a few swaps can completely transform a room, making it look as chic and stylish as if you’d redecorated the entire space. So whether you’re looking to transform your bedroom, living room or your entire house – these easy home décor ideas will give you all the inspiration you need.

Invest in Some Statement Furniture

Anyone who’s anyone in the world of Instagram interiors is obsessed with statement furniture. From brightly coloured chairs with clashing patterns, to bold, bright bar stools at a kitchen island – there are a number of easy ways to introduce statement furniture into your home that are sure to stop your guests in their tracks.

Statement furniture will express your individual style and personality, so it’s important not to hold back when choosing your bold pieces. Whether you invest in a brightly coloured sofa and complementary armchair, or opt for some statement lamps and lighting – a couple of pieces of daring furniture are sure to give your home the ‘wow’ factor and have you hailed as the ultimate home interiors fashionista.

Bring the Outdoors in

Biophilic design is one of the biggest interior design trends for this year. Whether it’s because people are spending more time indoors and looking for ways to bring the outdoors in, or simply because people are realising (and reaping!) the benefits of indoor plants – there’s no limit on how much greenery you can bring into your home.

From on-trend dried flowers in the ultimate, striking vase, to succulents planted in a statement teacup, there are a number of different ways to introduce some greenery into your home and it’s one of the quickest, easiest changes you can make. We’d recommend having plants at all levels. From a Dragon Tree at floor level, to succulents and cacti dotted around on shelving and console tables throughout your home – adding a little bit of greenery to each room will add those all-important finishing touches.

Hang Some Striking Wall Art

From gallery walls to one-off art pieces – hanging some wall art is one of the easiest ways to refresh your home décor and completely transform a room. Gallery walls have been all over Instagram in recent years. Not only do they help to add an interesting visual element to an otherwise lacklustre wall, but they help to inject a little bit of personality and style into your interiors with minimal effort. Simply pick a few art pieces (or your favourite photos) in all different shapes and styles for an eclectic aesthetic.

However, if a gallery wall isn’t for you, then there are other wall art options out there. From striking shelving that doubles up as art, to one-off art pieces from your local artist – it’s important to think outside the box when it comes to choosing art pieces for your wall in order to create a truly unique look that showcases your personality.

Layer up Your Cushions

There’s nothing more eye-catching in a living room than some statement scatter cushions on a sofa. Whether you opt for some wild animal print, or go for something with a colourful abstract pattern – layering up your scatter cushions will bring a completely new dimension to your living room.

However, if you’re only going to change up the cushions, then it’s important to ensure they fit in with your existing décor. If the room is very traditional, then keep the number of scatter cushions you choose to a minimum – one or two brightly coloured cushions nestled in the corner of your sofa will bring that lease of life you’re after. However, if it’s a large, busy room, then you can get away with adding a few more (or be a little more daring with your choices).

Mirror, Mirror

From wall-hung to freestanding – nothing quite completes a room like a statement mirror. Not only do they add a beautiful touch to any room, but a mirror can completely transform a space, making it feel bigger and brighter – especially when it’s strategically placed.

Whilst large window mirrors add an extra dimension, a framed mirror can double up as an art piece, adding a chic, stylish touch to any room. So no matter what your interior style, the perfect mirror can completely transform a space, making it one of the easiest home décor ideas you can implement!
So whether you invest in some statement lighting, or get creative with a visually pleasing gallery wall, these easy home décor ideas will transform your home into the ultimate haven in no time. We’d love to see your home interior before and afters, so make sure you tag us on Instagram for your chance to be featured!