Whether you’re not very green-fingered, or you’re simply looking to decorate your home with blooms that last longer than a week, then dried flowers are the perfect choice. Exploding onto the scene in 2020, dried flower bouquets could be seen all over Instagram, adding a touch of nature to homes, wedding venues and restaurants everywhere. But they’re set to be an even bigger trend this year, with people looking for new ways to incorporate elements of the outdoors into their homes. From chic, wispy pampas grass, to elegant bunny tails – there are so many different types of dried flowers to choose from to allow you to express your individual style. So if you’re new to the dried flower trend, this is everything you need to know to help you bring a low-maintenance touch of nature into your home.

Why Are Dried Flowers so Popular?

Low-maintenance and incredibly beautiful, dried flowers are a popular choice for those looking to add interesting tones and textures to their existing home décor. Not only does their simple, floaty texture look truly elegant in any setting, but their simplicity means that they can be styled with any kind of vase. For those who prefer muted tones in their homes, an understated cream vase is perfect. But for those who prefer bold, stand-out patterns, a statement vase can be used to display a dried flower arrangement, making them perfect for any home. This also means that they’re great for quickly refreshing your home décor, as you can simply transfer them to a different vase when you fancy a change.

Another reason why dried flowers are so popular is because they are incredibly easy to maintain. This makes them the ideal choice for the less green-fingered among us, as well as those who don’t have the time to care for a bouquet of fresh flowers. One of the biggest benefits of dried flower bouquets is that they last a lot longer than their fresh counterpart, meaning you can reap the benefits of these beautiful plants week after week.

How Long do Dried Flowers Last for?

Unlike fresh bouquets, which last around one to two weeks, dried flowers last for up to three years with the correct care (or even longer if they’ve been dyed), allowing you to get maximum enjoyment out of them in your home.

How to Care for Dried Flowers

Not only are dried flowers long-lasting, but they also require very little maintenance to keep them looking beautiful. They don’t need any watering, but unlike fresh flowers, they do need to be kept out of direct sunlight and away from humid conditions, so they’re best suited to being placed away from any windows to preserve them for as long as possible.

It’s also important to treat your dried flowers with care, as you would with fresh flowers. The longer you’ve had your bouquet, the more fragile they become, so it’s best to place them somewhere where they won’t be disturbed by people frequently walking past, such as a quiet corner of a room.

Are There Different Types of Dried Flowers?

Pampas grass and bunny tails are two of the most popular varieties, but there are a huge variety of dried flowers to choose from, including:

Dried ruscus
Dried palm fronds
Feather pampas grass
Dried rice flowers
Cotton stems
Dried lavender
Dried poppy pods
Muni grass
Dried wheatgrass
So whether you put your own bouquet together, or buy a ready-made dried flower bouquet - they can be completely tailored to your individual tastes, allowing you to find the perfect bouquet to suit your existing home décor.

What Colours Do Dried Flowers Come in?

Dried flowers can be dyed, so they’re available in a huge variety of different colours, which is perfect for those who aren’t so keen on the natural look, or wanting to add a little bit of colour to their interiors.

From baby blue and pink to bright yellow and fuchsia, you can really express your personality with a bunch of dyed dried flowers. So whether you opt for just a couple of dyed pampas grasses, or go all-out with a brightly-coloured bouquet, your dried flowers are sure to make a statement in your home.
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