The Design

We’re marking Spode’s 250th anniversary with a new limited edition collection, Black Italian. Featuring the iconic Spode Italian design re-imagined in a striking black and white colour palette.

First created in 1816, the Blue Italian design has been the epitome of style for over 200 years. A design steeped in history and mystery, with its intricate and fascinating details instilling a sense of wonder.

Designed to celebrate a magnificent 250 years, the Spode Black Italian collection is here to create the ultimate style statement.

The Collection

Adore Spode’s classic Blue Italian? You won’t regret adding these super-chic monochrome pieces to your collection. Trust us. New to Spode? Own a little bit of history with this exclusive collection and bring a touch of heritage flair to your home.

Choose from a set of two Black Italian mugs or teacups and saucers with accompanying brushed gold spoons. Or get lost in a moment of stylish bliss with one of our Black Italian espresso cups and saucers.

The perfect collection to spoil a friend. The Spode limited edition sets come in gift boxes adorned with the Black Italian design. Want to see more? Explore the entire collection.

Made in England

Each piece of this designer pottery collection is made in Spode’s factory in Stoke-on-Trent, England. There, Spode’s talented craftsmen and women carefully craft each piece using 250 years of knowledge passed down through the centuries from Spode’s founder, Josiah Spode.

In fact, the collection's black and white designs originate from Josiah and his son’s efforts in the 1800s. They couldn’t possibly have known that their creation was to define what is now known as unmistakably Spode in 2020.

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