How to Put a Contemporary Spin on Traditional Christmas Dinnerware

Here is our exclusive guide to creating a modern spin on traditional Christmas dinnerware.

For our second Christmas table setting idea for Christmas 2017, we have put a contemporary spin on a traditional festive tableware collection.

Christmas Table Ideas - Spode's Christmas Tree

Spode's Christmas Tree design is nearly 90 years old and has a very intriguing story.

In 1938, Harold Holdway, a young English designer at Spode, was asked to design a Christmas pattern for the American market. The only problem was, Harold had never seen a real life decorated Christmas tree! He originally sketched the tree with presents suspended from the branches and then amended the design when he was told the tradition was to actually place gifts under the tree. But, in Harold's inexperience, he adorned the top of the tree with a Father Christmas - most unusual.

Christmas Table Ideas - Spode's Christmas Tree

Christmas Table Ideas - Spode's Christmas Tree

We love the Christmas Tree collection as it has a truly traditional and nostalgic feel to it. But when styled with the right Christmas decorations, the collection can take on a take on a totally different style.

So, how can you create a beautifully nostalgic yet on-trend Christmas table setting?

All you need:


Christmas dinner plates: Christmas Tree dinner plates

Christmas side plates: Christmas Tree side plates

Christmas bowls: Christmas Tree cereal bowls

All items used in this look are included in the Christmas Tree 16 piece set which is currently on offer.

Christmas Decorations/Accessories

White napkins

Christmas scented candles - Christmas Tree boutique tins

Christmas glasses - Christmas Tree wine glasses

Christmas paper chain (made from hessian) - We made our own using this easy guide

Faux holly garland - The Range

Festive sprig - Sainsbury's

Ribbon of your choice - The Range

How to recreate this look:

1. To make the gorgeous festive sprig napkins, take your napkin and tie a ribbon of your choice around the middle in a bow.  Place the festive sprig behind the bow.

2. Now to the decorative centrepiece. Lay your faux holly garland down the centre of the table. Then lay your hessian chain on top of the holly and weave/arrange accordingly.

3. Pop your Christmas scented candles alongside your garland and adjust the holly and chain around them. We put one on each side of the table but feel free to add more candles or tea lights to add more light and ambience.

4. Place your Christmas glasses on the top right of each place setting.

5. Set out your cutlery and begin to layer up each place setting. Place down your dinner plates and then your side plates to the left. Place a bowl onto each dinner plate (this will give height) and pop your napkins on each side plate. Watch our table setting video below for a guide on how to lay each place setting.

6. Finally, light your candles and get ready to enjoy your delicious meal!

Planning on trying out this look? We would love to see your images! Tag us in your photo's using the hashtag #ASpodeChristmas on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for your chance to feature on our social media channels.

For more festive table and Christmas present ideas, head to our website Spode UK.

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